Test post: This just might be my new column’s home!


This post isn’t really to invite readership, but just for my own info in creating a post and to see how this new site looks.


3 thoughts on “Test post: This just might be my new column’s home!

  1. I worked at arch drug store and about every casino at some point. My mom retired from Harold’s club. Sure miss when Reno was really alive. I worked there 1973 to 1980


      • Hi, Karl, I’m curious about the Orr Ditch history, I’ve done some repair work on it in the past; is there another siphon to get it from 6th St. & Vine St. up/under and across I-80? is it underneath the park now? Also, is the Ed Pine mentioned in the UNR article about suggesting the building of the siphon a past 49’ers player, knew him he’s long since moved on to the other side of our moment in eternity. The section of the Orr behind Queens Way & Truckee Lane has a lot of seepage to properties below so several hundred feet of repair makes it into Sparks annual budget & we had to tear part of it out in 2001 to add anther lift station below the Chalk Bluff Water Treatment Facility that supplies the majority of Reno’s water supplemented by scattered well sites located at our Schools in Washoe County. I’ve always found these channels and connecting flumes fascinating, was sorry to see the flume in the cliffs @ Mogul get disassembled after the Earthquake and subsequent rockslide back in 2008-’09 I believe it was in the Fall. saw it on about me.com, I’m at about.me/bernie_magness


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